Guitar Center Gets it Right

Guitar Center has developed and deployed a very effective automated marketing campaign. The beauty of it can be seen in how Guitar Center responds to a single purchase from their web site.

In his article, “What Guitar Center Can Teach You About Smart Email Marketing“, Derek Halpern relays his experience following his purchase of a shock mount for a microphone.

What you can see from his experience is that Guitar Center is dynamically tailoring its e-mail marketing to each customer. This is beautiful. Guitar Center is deepening its engagement with customers and encouraging repeat business. This is so much better than just sending out generic e-mail messages.

Can you find a way to incorporate this in your own business?

  • Follow up with customers every time and follow up with a specially tailored message for each one
  • Provide additional content that is not just trying to sell another product or service

There is a lot of value in what Guitar Center is doing. You can move in that direction.

Read Derek’s full article here:

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