Don’t Get Hung Up on the Peaks and Valleys

It’s very easy to become elated and celebrate on a peak, and just as easy to become dispirited in a valley. Peaks and valleys are a natural part of business.

We recently changed our on-line chat service on to allow chat slide-overs on the site. Others have had great success with this subtle change in regards to web site conversions. We initially experienced greater use of this function by site visitors, and then it dropped off. However last week we experienced three times more activity than we have ever experienced before. Yippee! It’s working. But now it won’t surprise me if activity dips. It’s a natural part of business.

I’m currently reading Harvey Mackay’s book, “The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World” and in it he relates a story of a veteran sales person Harvey met when Harvey was starting out. Harvey knew that the veteran was experiencing a slump and was surprised to see him enjoying himself at a sports event instead of pounding the pavement. The veteran explained that he realized that he was in a slump but knew that the slump would come to an end, and then he would be on the attack once again. No need to expend extraordinary energy when you’re in a slump. It will come back.

Peaks and valleys are a natural part of business.

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