Add a QuickList to CRM

For awhile I’ve had a problem with CRM that I’ve been hoping to solve with out-of-the-box functionality.  I finally came up with some quick customizations that will do it.

So, this is the problem:  I want an easy way to select a small number of contacts so that I can include them in a Quick Campaign to send out an e-mail merge.

I could set up a Marketing List, add the Contacts to that, and then run the Quick Campaign.  But that seemed like too much.  So, this is what I did:

  • I created a customized field on the Contact record to indicate whether a Contact was on the “QuickList” or not
  • I created a new query to view all Contacts on the “QuickList”
  • I created a Workflow to set the “QuickList” value back to “No” when I’m done with the list


This is how I use it:

  • For the Contacts I want to include on my “QuickList” I select “Yes” for the “QuickList” field
  • I select the “QuickList” view, and the designated Contacts are included
  • I create a Quick Campaign to execute the e-mail merge
  • I run the Workflow on the “QuickList” view when I’m done, to set the “QuickList” value back to “No” for the Contacts

I created this short video to show some of the set up, and how I use it.

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